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All-weather Sven wireless columns – welcome satellite and on vacation

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Portable wireless acoustic speakers have long become an indispensable accessory of amateurs of outdoor activities, as well as hiking, in the country, on the beach or training, and just during a walk with friends around the city. For those who do not think their holiday without music, Sven has prepared a number of new models of wireless columns, which will delight with their autonomy, high sound quality, compact dimensions and low weight.

For example, an ultraportative SVEN PS-95 highlighted column is perfect for music in training or campaign. The device is distinguished by compact dimensions (94 × 104 × 44 mm) and a low weight (180 g), and moisture resistance according to IPX7 will allow you to take it with you to exercise sports or rest in any weather. Nothing will happen to him if even drop into the water, although it is undesirable that the column is in the water for more than 30 minutes. A buranel is provided with a column with a column, with which it can be attached to clothes, a backpack or to a tent.

To broadcast a music column from a smartphone or other device, a Bluetooth connection is used. However, it can be connected to the sound source and with the Wire. High-quality sound provides a 40 mm speaker supporting playback in the frequency range from 100 to 20,000 Hz.

If the power of one column, component of 7 W, will not seem enough, you can connect to the source of the sound second column, ensuring stereo. A multi-color interactive backlight will provide the corresponding light support of reproducible tracks. The backlight is clearly visible not only in the evening, but also day. In addition, support multiple modes of operation allows you to select the appropriate backlight under any track.

Due to the rather powerful for such a compact device, the battery capacity of 1000 mA · h SVEN PS – 95 is capable of working offline up to 10 hours even when the color illumination is turned on.

SVEN PS-95 wireless column is available in black color. Approximate price of the device – 1999 rubles.

Another new wireless column for lovers of hiking and outdoor recreation is SVEN PS-205. The novelty is different from PS – 95 greater power constituting 12 W, but also its weight is also a little more – about 660 g. However, it is not so much if you take a column with you hike. Moreover, the device has quite compact dimensions – 75 × 75 × 203 mm.

In addition to two 48 mm with a capacity of 6 W each, providing sound in the frequency range of 100-20,000 Hz, in the column there is a passive emitter for a deep saturated bass.

SVEN PS-205 connects to the sound source (smartphone or other gadget) both using a Bluetooth wireless protocol and with wires. Bluetooth connection radius – up to 10 m. Play music can also be with USB drives and microSD memory cards. In addition, there are FM radio in the column, but it will require an external antenna for its work.

If you wish, you can connect to the sound source via Bluetooth two SVEN PS-205 columns, thereby ensuring a powerful stereo party.

SVEN PS-205 column is not afraid of rainy weather, since the device is protected from moisture according to the IPX6 standard. Therefore, for rest in nature or fishing, a novelty will suit all parameters. The battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh h will ensure the operation of the device offline for quite a long time.

Wireless SVEN PS-205 speaker has already been on sale. The approximate value of the novelty is 2999 rubles.

And another new portable speaker Sven from the number of recently received on sale is the PS-295 model.

The SVEN PS-295 column is characterized by a strict original design, as well as portable dimensions (95 × 240 × 103 mm) and a relatively low weight consisting of about 900. Thanks to waterproof, in accordance with the IPX6 standard, the device can be safely taken with itself, without fear, That rain can bring it out of order.

SVEN PS-295 is equipped with two speakers with a diameter of 60 mm, providing a total power within 20 W. This is quite enough for musical accompaniment of a small party in nature. For stereo lovers, you can connect to a smartphone or another gadget via a Bluetooth connection two columns. It is also possible to connect to the gadget to broadcast music. In addition, music tracks can be played from the USB drive and microSD memory card. For news lovers and music channels in the device there is a built-in FM radio.

SVEN PS-29 provides sound reproduction in the range of 60-20,000 Hz. Thanks to the existing passive emitter, the column perfectly reproduces the low-frequency range. It should also be noted support for SVEN PS-295 long-term operation offline, which is guaranteed by a powerful battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh.

Portable SVEN PS-295 column is already available for purchase in blue color at an estimated price of 3899 rubles.

What is also important, all devices that have been discussed are distinguished by high quality manufacturing, which is guaranteed by the SVEN brand. Therefore, any of them can be safely taken to rest, without fear of breakage.

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