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Amazon will force users of their devices to share the Internet

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Amazon decided to test promising technologies directly on users already sold devices. The owners of Alexa, Echo gadgets and any other manufactured by the company remain the ability to abandon participation in a specific experiment, the rest will turn into experimental default.


Since June 8, Amazon intends to include all issued compatible smart gadgets in the Amazon Sidewalk program. The new service will share part of the user’s Internet channel with its neighbors in case they have no Internet and vice versa.

By default, all Amazon devices, including Alexa, Echo, Ring, video surveillance cameras, external light sources, motion sensors and other electronics will be included in the system. Taking into account the fact that not all change the default settings, millions of people will be included in the experimental program, most – not even suspecting it. While we are talking only about buyers from the USA.

Amazon Sidewalk is a free Network for Customers, able to simplify the setup of new devices, increase the range of Tile trackers attached to search for animals and helping devices to stay connected even in cases when they are outside the Wi-Fi home network access area.

The maximum channel of the channel given by the user is 80 kbps, per month for each account accounts for up to 500 MB. Although they have to share the Internet with others, the user will also be able to get the network help in the event of a technical need.



The security level of such a network is still reliably unknown. Some experts fear that the hacking Amazon Sidewalk will allow to obtain extremely important data on users even in their rooms – ranging from recording conversations and ending with video and other information and, in some cases – to completely disable the infrastructure of smart houses, including castles, lighting, heating and so on. At the same time, technology is planned to be tested on the users themselves, without prior runroit on focus groups.

According to Anshkan Soltani cybersecurity expert (Ashkan Soltani), causes questions and behavior of the company itself. It already knows almost everything about millions of buyers with Amazon trading platform, almost everything about Internet activity of millions of users, since its subsidiary AWS is one of the dominant web hosting providers. The introduction of Amazon Sidewalk will turn it into the largest Internet provider without having to lay at least a meter of fiber.

Not everyone is satisfied and not quite transparent AMAZON behavior scheme. You can only unsubscribe from the SIDEWALK service, but not specifically subscribe to it – it will be connected by default. In order to disable it, there is a special instruction on the company’s website.

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