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Chinese scientists created their own wireless interface “Brain Computer”

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While Ilon Mask integrates the interface “Brain-Computer” (BCI) Monkeys and Pigs, in China, they work on their own similar technologies, but not requiring surgery. Since the supply of wired technologies for BCI interfaces is imposed US sanctions, scientists from the PRC can manage without wires.


As reported by Asian regional media, if the interfaces of the Neuralink series of Ilona Mask require impact on the brain of animal electrodes, the newest Chinese development costs a compact removable headset representing a non-invasive alternative for receiving and interpreting the brain signals.

The team of engineers from Tianjin University of China is developing an updated version of its Braintalker chip, which allows you to type text teams by the strength of thought. According to scientists, for the receipt of technology to commercial use there is some time left, but it already allows you to read “good quality” brain signals that potentially meet the requirements of applied commercial development. The same group last year created a high-speed neurointerface that allows you to give a computer to 108 teams, which is 3 or 4 times more than competitive systems provide.

The brain-computer interface technologies are included in the list of 14 of the most important developments included in the Control List of the US Industry and Security Bureau. The technological blockade forced Chinese researchers to use alternative developments for their own projects.

According to representatives in the PRC, although the country retains the lag in the field of wired neurointerfaces, the non-invasive solutions of the PRC ensure not only the reading of information, but also feedback. Thus, medical professionals from the University of Zhejiang use the development of Chinese scientists to effectively control the attacks of epilepsy.

Tianjin University also collaborates with the center of training cosmonauts to jointly study the possibility of using neurointerfaces and intelligent robots in the aerospace sphere. Here, here the Braintalker chip is able to significantly simplify the work of Taikonavtov, especially in open space.

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