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Google introduced Project Starline – Online Communication of the Future with the full effect of presence

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Although Google every year presents numerous services for correspondence, data exchange and media content, the company’s new solution is able to completely change the rules of the game. Project Starline allows people to communicate as if they really are at a distance of an elongated hand.



As the recent blog entry Google, technology will allow people to feel more connected, even if they are in different cities or countries. The project is a complex hardware and software complex, ready to provide experience comparable to conversation through transparent glass. The interlocutor will be “Three-dimensional”, real size, with him you can meet with my eyes and silently communicate without the help of words.

To develop the company had to use computer vision algorithms, machine learning, spatial sound and compression of data in real time. Additionally, a display was created, allowing forging deep volumetric images without the use of special glasses or helmets.

While Project Starline technology is available only in some of the Google offices. The main goal of the company is to make the system more affordable. According to the developers, Google employees themselves have already spent thousands of hours, communicating with colleagues from San Francisco, New York and Seattle. Demonstration projects are also implemented jointly with some partners from the sphere of medicine and media technologies. This year, there are even more projects with the participation of corporate users to obtain feedback and eliminating the identified deficiencies.

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