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Realme introduced Buds Wireless 2 headphones and portable speaker Pocket Bluetooth Speaker

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Realme during today’s presentation announced three products for music lovers – Buds Wireless 2 Wireless Headphones and Buds Wireless 2 Neo, as well as Portable Pocket Bluetooth Speaker Speaker.

Realme Buds Wireless 2 headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 communication, but a wired connection is provided between liner modules. 13.6 mm BASS BOOST DRIVER emitters are applied, providing high-quality sound.

The novelty received a system of active noise cancellation with the Transparency mode mode, which allows you to hear certain sounds of the environment. The stated battery life on one recharge battery reaches 22 hours (18 hours with active noise reduction). The device is protected from moisture in accordance with the IPX5 specification.

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo headphones, in turn, are endowed with 11.2-mm emitters and noise suppression system during ENC telephone conversations (Environment Noise Cancellation). Time of autonomous work on one recharge – up to 17 hours.

Finally, the Pocket Bluetooth Speaker speaker is highlighted by compact performance, and its weight is 113. It is equipped with a Dynamic Bass Bosst Driver emitter with a power of 3 W. Supported Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication within 10 meters radius. The device is protected from moisture according to IPX5.

The price of Buds Wireless 2, Buds Wireless 2 Neo and Pocket Bluetooth Speaker amounts to 50, 25 and 20 US dollars, respectively.

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