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Sony introduced an audio effects controller that allows you to create music by hand movements

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Sony launched indiegogo campaign platform for release of the Motion Sonic device. It is a controller to activate audio effects with a motion sensor that is fixed on the wrist of the musician with straps, like fitness trackers.


Motion Sonic allows you to link your hands with certain musical effects. For example, users can adjust the device to add a delay effect when moving the fingers from left to right or change the height of the sound when the wrist is rotated. All triggers for effects are created in the iOS application, after which the tool must be connected to the iPhone using an audio interface. Note that the device is not compatible with Android.

Sony worked on Motion Sonic for a long time. The device was first shown in 2017. Now he will be able to purchase residents of the United States and Japan. The first 400 units will be sold at Indiegogo at a price of $ 218. Retail price Motion Sonic will be $ 248. The start of the supply is scheduled for March next year.

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