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SteelSeries introduced the Mice and the Ginstur PRIME for professional players

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SteelSeries announced a new family level device family: a series called Prime is focused on advanced gamers, as well as participants in cybersport contestants.

Presents PRIME, Prime + and Prime Wireless mice, as well as Arctis Prime headset. It is noted that more than 100 kiberatlets from around the world participated in the creation of new products. Their task was the testing of technical solutions proposed by the manufacturer, for compliance with the main criterion – victory in the game.

«These devices are the result of the twenty-year-old experience of SteelSeries in cybersport and combine verified engineering solutions and reference performance, “says the company.

PRIME mouse can boast of heavy-duty design designed for intensive use. Textured matte coating prevents sliding and loss of grip. TRUEMOVE Pro sensor is activated, providing high performance. Weighs a manipulator 69 grams.

The Prime + professional mouse is endowed with the TRUEMOVE PRO + sensor, which determines the height of the separation of the device from the working surface. Among the features are called: the hull tournament form, textured matte coating and built-in memory. Weight is 71 grams.

The PRIME Wireless mouse is reflected in the title, uses wireless data exchange with a computer. TRUEMOVE AIR sensor guarantees professional performance with accurate tracking one to one, and the built-in memory allows you to personalize the device settings. The battery provides more than 100 hours of operation; Fast recharging is supported.

The Arctis Prime headset is equipped with noise-insulating incosses from eco-leaves, which allow you to fully focus on the game. Light and durable headband reinforced steel. Noise reduction microphone is certified by the Discord service. There are volume controls and disconnecting the sound, and the kit includes a removable cable with a 3.5 mm connector.

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