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Tesla criticized Germany for an excessive bureaucracy, which prevents completing the construction of the plant under Berlin

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The American electric vehicle manufacturer criticized the German bureaucratic car for the fact that she for a very long time approves the process of completing the construction of a new plant for the production of electric vehicles next to Berlin. According to Tesla, the country’s government should accelerate the consideration of projects that will help with solving the issue of global warming.

«The German system of approval of industrial and infrastructure projects, as well as spatial planning, directly contradicts the urgency of planning and implementing such projects necessary to combat climate change, “indicates the company in its application.

Tesla is particularly annoyed by the fact that 16 months after the application still does not yet have a reference schedule. According to the automaker, the problem is that, in the framework of the current laws of Germany, projects aimed at combating climate change, and projects that accelerate it are considered the same. Tesla calls this approach outdated. Meanwhile, Tesla plant in the German commune of Grünheide is already almost completed and the company plans to start producing electric vehicles in July of this year.

The plant in Germany will allow the American automaker to expand its influence in Europe and impose direct competition to such companies as Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG and BMW AG on the electric vehicle market. For German itself, the availability of a new plant for the production of cars means the presence of new jobs. At Tesla’s enterprise in Grunkide, it is planned to produce annually to 500 thousand electric vehicles. According to the company, the transition to electric vehicles will allow annually to prevent emissions of 15 million tons of harmful substances into the atmosphere, which is a typical indicator for European countries using cars based on the BAST.

The Minister of Economics of Germany Peter Altmaier, Peter Altmaier, has already responded to the statement of the Tesla (Peter Altmaier), promised to give Tesla Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) with any help needed to launch an enterprise. The Minister of Transport of Germany Andreas Scheuer, in turn, via Twitter called Germany “To simplify the processes for the accreditation of new enterprises, a reduction in bureaucracy and promotion of innovative solutions,” the Bloomberg edition passes.

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