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Update USB TYPE-C will charge the electronics with a power up to 240 W

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In the near future, the USB interface will be truly versatile. Version 2.1 provides power through a power port up to 240 W. This will allow it to use it for the supply of electricity monitors with a resolution of 4K, printers and even energy-intensive gaming laptops.


At the moment, the technology maintains power up to 100 W. Version 2.1, announced by the USB IMPLEMENTERS FORUM (USB-IF) group, which includes leading representatives of the industry, will be able to more than double raising bets. The new option is named Extended Power Range or EPR.

At one time, USB debuted as a technology with useful, but limited functionality. The interface was used to connect to computers of keyboards, mice, printers and similar peripherals. Later he fastened FireWire and other high-speed ports. In addition, it became more and more likely to apply not only for data transfer, but also for the power supply of compact electronic devices.

It is worth noting that 240 W cables support must comply with certain specifications. USB-if reported that they will have a special marking so that users are not accidentally misleading.

While one of the few interfaces that USB could not be replaced completely, the Thunderbolt technology used is used by the data transfer rate of up to 40 Gb / s, but it is integrated into the USB new fourth version. Now USB Type-C can be used in conjunction with the ThunderBolt interface in ALT MODE mode, but not all USB Type-C ports support Thunderbolt. Alt Mode also allows you to connect HDMI and DisplayPort cables through adapters.

Although 240 W is enough to feed most of modern monitors, game laptops and other devices, there is still exceptions. Many gaming computers with powerful hardware consume a lot more, a lot of energy may be needed to be some laser printers.

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