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Bag or Fich? The new version of the edge browser repeatedly proposes to use the Bing search engine

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This week Microsoft has begun to deploy the EDGE 91, the new version of its brand browser, which has received many improvements. It turned out that in the browser there is a bug, which, according to some users, was not accidental there. We are talking about a multiple browser suggestion to use the default Bing as a search engine.

Image: The Verge

The fact that after updating the browser offers to change the default search system used by default, it seems quite normal. However, some users reported that EDGE 91 proposes to use Bing many times and the corresponding message periodically appears while working with the browser. Moreover, in some cases, the offer to go to Bing appears, even if Microsoft search engine is already used by default.

Although some users suspected Microsoft in the deliberately persistent promotion of their search engine, this browser behavior is explained by a software error. The Microsoft Edge community administrator on the Reddit platform said that the developers team had already begun to study the current situation and asked users to provide additional information.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has released a new EDGE for different platforms, only the browser users are facing the error for Windows 10. At the moment there is no ready-made problem solution, users are simply invited to close the periodically appearing window without changing the settings. Most likely, in the near future Microsoft will release a patch that normalizes the work of the browser.

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