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In the Mozilla Firefox browser appeared a built-in translator

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It became known that a built-in translator appeared in the Mozilla Firefox browser. This means that to translate texts, users of the browser will no longer need to use third-party tools. At the moment, this feature is present only in the test assemblies of the browser.

Image: SoftPedia.

Mozilla Firefox continues to remain the only alternative to numerous browsers based on Chromium. Therefore, the emergence of new functions in it is especially important for the user community. This time, the developers have added a useful tool that will make it easier to translate texts viewed by users on the Internet.

We are talking about add-on called Firefox Translations, which is integrated directly into the browser itself and is already available in the latest versions of Firefox Nightly. Mozilla translator is a kind of analogue of Google Translate, but it has one important difference. The fact is that the new Firefox superstructure is focused on confidentiality, the translation of texts is carried out locally, and their contents are not transmitted to the cloudy space.

The source notes that even in the test versions of the Firefox, the translator is not activated by default. Probably, developers want to make sure that the function is fully operational before the large number of browser users will interact with it. To independently activate the translator, you must open a list of experimental functions, find the Extensions.translations.disabled option, activate it and restart the browser.

Although in the test version of the Firefox, the translation function looks quite workable, about the timing of its appearance in stable versions of the browser is still nothing unknown.

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