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Americans presented 40-seater electric airbus with vertical takeoff and landing

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Today there are many projects of electrollers with vertical takeoff and landing for transportation from 2 to 5 passengers. Projects for the transportation of a larger number of people can be counted on the fingers of one hand. One of these projects was offered the American startup Kelekona, which is going to transport up to 40 people in one flight.

Image source: kelekona

Kelekona electroletter relies exclusively on the aerodynamics of the fuselage, which will allow it to land and take off from relatively small sites. Otherwise, for an aircraft with a capacity of up to 40 people, the wingspan would not allow to talk about freedom of movement and tied the ship to airports and runways.

Источник изображения: Kelekona

Image source: kelekona

According to the developer, the apparatus can carry useful weight weighing up to 10,000 pounds (4540 kg), which implies up to 40 passengers and pilots. Flight range declared 330 miles (531 km) within an hour. A huge takele weight implies a powerful battery, which, apparently, is not yet in nature. But even if it were, the project involves replaceable batteries to quickly send the airbus on the route or back after the physical replacement of the battery on the fully charged.

For the airbus movement, four blocks of dual channel propeller with blades with variable steps are provided. Rotary blocks, which will allow the use of screws for takeoff, movement horizontally and landing. The drop-shaped form of the surced fuselage should create lifting force when driving horizontally. Interesting project, but besides computer graphics, Kelekona should have nothing yet. In this regard, Chinese projects look much paler, but they are transmitted in the gland once at once.

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