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Android 12 will turn into the Google Pixel and Samsung smartphones in the car keys

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Almost a year after Apple announces an ambulance with the possibility of using the iPhone as keys for cars, Google intends to present similar technology. The new Android 12 operating system will duplicate the keys by the “individual smartphones of the Pixel and Samsung Galaxy series”.



The developers reported on the Google I / O 2021 conference. It is not yet announced only cooperation with the BMW – the automaker has already reported on the relevant interaction with Samsung. At the same time, for the “run-in” technology of BMW allocated only one model.

The ultimate goal is to completely replace the bulk keychain with a smartphone using Ultra-Wideband wireless technology (UWB), already represented in almost all new Apple smartphones and smart watch of the Apple Watch of the sixth generation. It is possible that the announcement of Google indicates that a similar solution will be implemented in the new Google Pixel. Such a technology, among other things, allows you to quickly find a car on a large parking lot.

Nevertheless, Apple and Google options provide simultaneous use of the NFC module. This means that the smartphone will have to literally apply to the car – in a sense now it is more convenient to use the alarm keychain.

UWB technology provides radio frequency data transmission above 500 MHz. Its use allows us through the protected channel to detect the location of the items, including cars. The developments are interested not only by BMW, but also Hyundai, as well as Kia. In addition, members of the CAR Connectivity Consortium group, promoting NFC and UWB as a standard for electronic keys, are Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, BMW, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Volkswagen.

Additionally, Google reported on the intention to actively promote the Android AUTO information and entertainment system. It is known that now it is already installed on 100 million cars, and its direct competitor is Apple CarPlay. The company promises that the “overwhelming majority of new cars” from General Motors, Ford, Honda and other manufacturers will support the wireless connection of smartphones to Android AUTO, even without the need to remove gadgets from pockets.

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