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Another rise in price raised the cost of basic Tesla Model 3 to $ 40 thousand.

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If in February of this year, Tesla still demonstrated the opportunity to reduce prices for their mass models of electric vehicles, then since March the cost of popular models has steadily rises in a step of $ 500. The tradition has become an increase in the price twice a month, and May in this sense did not exceed. Basic Tesla Model 3 is now worth $ 39 990.

Image source: Electrek

Here and then the official prices of Tesla for the American market without taking into account all sorts of subsidies and tax breaks. The version of Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus was worth $ 37,000 in February, and this week it has risen in almost $ 40,000, which corresponds to more than an eight increase in the specified interval. Changing the price occurred in stages in a step of $ 500, so the currently becomes the sixth on the score from the beginning of March.

Источник изображения: Tesla

Image Source: Tesla

The average configuration name named Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD is estimated at $ 48,990, it also rose by $ 500, but the older Tesla Model 3 Performance retained the former price tag at $ 56,990. For the average configuration, the price increase compared to March was a serious $ 2500.

In the case of the Tesla Model Y crossover, the situation differs only by the fact that there are only two complete sets of electric vehicles on the US market, and the most affordable named Long Range AWD this week has risen from $ 51,490 to $ 51,990. The older version named Tesla Model Y Performance is offered For the previous $ 60 990. At the beginning of the spring, the most affordable Tesla Model y cost less than $ 50,000 in the US market. For the first time, TESLA electric vehicles price increase so often, and this can be a sure sign of the effect of the deficit of the components used in their production.

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