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Audi at the end of the summer will start testing fast charging stations for electric vehicles

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Audi’s German automotive company presented a prototype of a high-speed “charging hub” of a premium class, which will allow the owners of the AUDI EV electric vehicles to reserve charging up to 300 kW. The station will receive power from lithium-ion batteries that will be charged at night without creating excessive electricity consumption in places where they are located. The company plans to try out the concept of the charging station in Germany at the end of summer.

Image source: Audi

In the next five years, the automaker intends to release up to 20 models of electric cars. As one of the main success factors, he called the presence of a reliable infrastructure for charging vehicles. Charging stations are clearly not enough, and soon hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles, which will try to charge during peak hours, can harm power grids.

As a solution to the AUDI problem, the concept of a charging hub collected from several containers. They will host used lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of up to 2.45 MW, which will allow you to install six 300 kW charging stations in a hub.

The idea is that the batteries will be charged at night, when there are no such high load on electric networks, and the energy supply itself is subject to smaller tariffs, and then charge cars during the day, adding the battery power to the solar batteries.

Audi claims that the hubs can “transport quickly, install and adapt to a specific location – largely regardless of the bandwidth of the local power system.” They also provide premium waiting rooms for drivers, where they will be offered drinks and light snacks. In case the charging station is free, it will be able to use the owners of electric vehicles of other brands.

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