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Boring Company has begun large-scale testing of the TESLA transport system in Tunnels in Las Vegas

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The Boring Company owned by Ilona mask began test trips on Tesla electric cars under the large complex of buildings of Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in Las Vegas. The system of two tunnels is a kind of metro alternative, in which electric vessels move between stations.


It is expected that it will be available to the public already in June. The brainchild mask a little more than a kilometer is intended for quick movement under the campus of the LVCC center on Tesla electric vehicles.

The LVCC LOOP system has three stations, two of which are located above the ground at each of the ends of the tunnels and one in the middle of the route – under it, at a depth of about 10 meters. Boring Company used several dozen electric vehicles, including Model 3, Model Y and Model X. Although earlier it was said about calling machines to drivers using the application, the task was simplified and now testers need to walk to the nearest car. During the tests, each driver made “from eight to twelve dozen” trips.

The implementation of the next Mask project cost 52.5 million dollars. It is known that moving around the Campus LVCC is not very fast and not too convenient even on a taxi due to intensive traffic. The developers claim that with the help of a tunnel system, a 45-minute walk will turn into a two-minute trip, although in practice it turned out that the system is slightly less effective and the full cycle from landing before landing takes a little longer, taking into account maneuvers on completed domestic parking and “learning” The main rules for operating the service. For example, in order to speed up the exchange of machines, the testers were prescribed to always leave the doors of the machines open, although in urban conditions the reflex is usually produced directly opposite.

It is still unknown how successfully the project can be scaled. The company declares that it intends to forward 4,400 passengers per hour, although some media refer to documents in which the system throughput is estimated at 1,200 people per hour. In the future, in addition to the LVCC Loop, the company intends to build a system of tunnels stretching under the entire city and capable of forwarding more than 50,000 passengers is hourly.

Earlier in Boring Company stated that the speed of electric vehicles in the tunnels will be almost 250 km / h, but while the company limited the speed of movement. And, although the ultimate goal is fully automated movement, during the experiment, the electric vehicle was managed by conventional drivers and this practice will continue in the foreseeable future.

At the same time, huge speeds are one of the main advantages of the TESLA project in the tunnels and it distinguishes it from, for example, the subway. So far, the goal is unattainable for the reason that automated control on the site has not yet been commissioned, and drivers cannot constantly drive with such speeds.

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