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By the end of the decade, cheaper LFP batteries will take up to 70% of the batteries for electric vehicles

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TESLA actively uses lithium batteries based on iron phosphate (LFP) in the younger versions of its electromotivers of the Chinese assembly, and Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) assures that the lack of batteries of this type can be effectively fighting. Some predictions argue that by the end of the decade, the LFP batteries will take 70% of the market of traction batteries for electric vehicles.

Источник изображения: Mercedes-Benz, Daimler

Image source: Mercedes-Benz, Daimler

According to the Business Korea resource, this trend is beneficial for Chinese manufacturers, since the same CATL specializes in the release of LFP batteries. They are more severe and have a smaller charge storage density, but provide a higher resource in the number of recharging cycles, as well as cheaper and less fires, than nickel-based cathode accumulators (NCM). The last type of batteries is able to provide a stroke of electric vehicles up to 500 km, but it is more expensive, has a smaller resource and more inflicted as a result of mechanical damage. It should be borne in mind that cheaper LFP batteries quickly lose the charge in the cold, and this creates additional difficulties in operation of electric vehicles in a cold climate.

Now NCM batteries occupy about 70% of the market, but by the end of the decade they can change places with LFP batteries, as some experts believe. In 2015, the share of LFP batteries did not exceed 10%, but their popularity is growing rapidly. CATL even believes that such batteries will begin to dominate the market already in the current year.

Korean competitors who are focused on the release of NCM batteries with cathodes on the basis of nickel, such optimism is not separated. In their opinion, improvements implemented in this segment will allow NCM batteries to retain the status of the most popular and by the end of the decade. For this, of course, they need to easily chef, and at the same time increase the charge storage density.

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