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Chinese company Pony.Ai received permission to test unmanned cars in California

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Chinese startup Pony.Ai, engaged in the development of autonomous vehicles, received permission of California Vehicle Department (DMV) to test its unmanned cars. According to reports, the company will be able to test his unmanned cars without a driver behind the wheel on certain streets in the three cities of the state.


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It is worth noting that permission to test autonomous transport with the driver behind the wheel on the roads of California Pony.ai received back in 2017. Now the company has the ability to test cars without a driver on certain streets of Frymont cities, Millitas and Irwin. According to DMV, testing will be conducted on roads with a certain high-speed limitation in clear weather or with small precipitation.

Currently, 55 companies have existing permits for testing unmanned cars in California. At the same time, Pony.Ai has become only the eighth company that has the right to test autonomous transport without a driver in the cabin. Prior to that, such permission was received by Chinese Autox, Baidu and Weride, as well as American Cruise, Nuro, Waymo and Zoox. At the same time, Nuro is the only company that has permission to commercially exploring unmanned cars in California.

After the Toyota invested $ 400 million in Pony.AI last year, the market value of the Chinese startup rose to $ 3 billion. It is also known about the intention of Pony.Ai to launch Robotksa service in 2023.

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