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Daimler’s management is confident that cars on hydrogen fuel have the future

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Daimler Truck General Director Martin Daum (Martin Daum) expressed confidence that hydrogen fuel trucks will play an important role in reducing harmful emissions in the transport sector. He did not agree with the opinion of the head of Tesla Ilona Mask (Elon Musk) and the head of Volkswagen Herbert Dies, which repeatedly criticized the fuel cells and said that the battery power is the only way to develop the industry.

Martin Daum Image: Alex Kraus / Bloomberg

According to Dauma, focus only by electrifying vehicles risky due to the lack of raw materials necessary for the production of batteries, as well as problems associated with the missing or weakly developed infrastructure of charging stations for trucks and buses.

«We cannot afford to rely only on one technology to achieve climate goals. Until 2025, the focus will be on battery electric vehicles. In the period from 2025 to 2035 years, we need vehicles both on batteries and fuel cells, because the rapidly growing infrastructure requirements require a bilateral approach, “the Dauma word Bloomberg leads.

It is worth noting that hydrogen fuel cells for many years are advertised as a potential alternative to internal combustion engines. However, the high cost of their production and a weakly developed filling infrastructure impede their wider distribution. Because of this, the fuel cells remained far behind the battery-electric power units, at least in the passenger car market.

Electrification of commercial vehicles is a more complex process, because we are talking about massive and heavy vehicles that are used to perform a variety of tasks. It is noteworthy that not so long ago, Daimler merged with Volvo to work together in the field of creating vehicles with fuel cells.

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