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DIY: IKEA is developing a budget electric car designer of 374 parts

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IKEA decided to master the additional activity. Business, known by the release of inexpensive furniture and home accessories, decided to present a prefabricated electric car for urban conditions.


Outwardly, the IKEA electric vehicle concept looks very simple. At the same time, the design of the model was given to outsourcing – Renault concern was responsible for the development. The IKEA Höga model is 1.8 meters in height and 2.3 meters in length is designed for two passengers and several shorter of their “natural competitor” – micro-car Citroën AMI (1.39 and 2.41 meters, respectively) and, of course, not so big like Smart Fortwo (2.69 meters).



Despite the small size, the conceptually new model resembles some IKEA furniture options capable of transforming at the request of the owner – for example, a passenger seat can be temporarily removed to accommodate in the car with disabled armchairs. There is a place for a bike, a set for surfing and other inventory.

The assembly of the developed Renault electric vehicle will require more patience and skills than the creation of a sofa from the Ikean kit, since not only its personal life and health, but also the well-being of the passenger and / or pedestrians and other road users depend on the owner of a similar electric car from 374 details.

Partner companies have developed an extremely unusual system – the front and rear windows will open up, replacing ordinary doors. Noteworthy and new price – it is planned that IKEA Höga will cost 5300 euros. For comparison, Citroën AMI costs 6900. It should be noted that it is sold already in the finished form and does not require self-assembly. On the other characteristics of the electromotive IKEA and RENAULT will be announced later.

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