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Due to the shortage of chips and rising prices for raw materials, cars are becoming more expensive throughout the world

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The Russian consumer may seem that the positive dynamics of prices for cars is characteristic only for the local market, but similar trends, even in a smaller scale, are observed at the US car market. Rising prices for some models amounted to 10-20%, the wines of the entire semiconductor crisis and the cost-effective raw materials.

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Production of metallurgical enterprises over the past year has greatly increased in price, and it is an important structural material for the manufacture of cars. The lack of semiconductor components caused a sharp rise in prices for them, and as the existing reserves exist, automakers began to increase. According to The Verge, prices for full-size Pickups General Motors in the US market increased by 10%, and full-size crossovers rose by more than 20%. Ford Motor products on average have risen in price by 900. Even regular price increases on the popular Tesla models say that manufacturers are no longer able to restrain the cost of components and materials.

Many buyers does not stop such a dynamics of prices. In the US market, for example, high demand is stimulated not only by government payments, but also attractive credit programs. In addition, the deferred demand is superimposed on pandemic fatigue, and the systematic vaccination of the population increases freedom of movement of citizens in roads. According to Insights, in April 13% of American buyers of new cars paid over the recommended price, a year ago, there were only 8%.

The secondary market also faced prices. The deficit on the primary market forces car owners longer to exploit their cars, so the offer on the secondary segment declined. Even companies specializing in renting cars began to contact him, which additionally heels demand. Prices eventually went up. Pay for cars more buyers forcing and fashion for crossovers. The owners of the latter in rare cases are ready to return to sedans and hatchbacks, and manufacturers are happy to earn more expensive models, reducing the choice of more affordable alternatives.

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