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Electric vehicles Tesla Model Y and Model 3 for the US market refused to use radar

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Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) recently defended TESLA computer vision system, referring to the peculiarity of the perception of the road situation driver – a person, according to him, the main part of the information receives with the help of organs of vision. Since May, MODEL Y and MODEL 3, devoid of radaries will be available on the US market.

Image source: Electrek

TESLA electric vehicle sensor system has so far consisted of a set of cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors. Radars eventually will be excluded not only for MODEL 3 and Model Y electric vehicles manufactured in the USA, but also for older Model S and Model X. Chinese assembly machines will also lose them in the future. If it were not for the rhetoric mask for self-sufficiency of cameras and related software, it would be possible to think that Tesla optimizes the configuration of electric vehicles against the background of the component deficit.

Nevertheless, while the transition period lasts, the fresh batch of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y without radar will be devoid of a number of functionality. Automatic steering adjustment will be available at speeds of not more than 120 km / h and with a greater distance with traveling vehicles, and the restraint function in the strip will be disabled, as well as the possibility of an unmanned departure of an electric vehicle from the parking space to the waiting place its driver. Tesla promises that in the foreseeable future software will be improved to a level that allows you to return all these functions on electric cars that are not equipped with radar.

Beta version of the more advanced FSD 9.0 software package, which allows you to automatically pass the intersection and traffic lights, will switch to the use of only data from the cameras in three weeks later. At about the same time, the FSD will be available on a subscription with a monthly subscription fee. A lump sum payment for activation of the function is $ 10,000, but for users of rental electric cars or clients of leasing companies subscription would be more convenient. Over time, Tesla hopes to realize the autonomy of the highest level, relying only on the system of engine vision. It is strange that at the same time Tesla tests prototypes of electric vehicles with Lidars, although earlier Ilon Mask repeatedly performed with criticism of this type of optical sensors. They remain expensive, although they exceed the cameras in the ability to identify objects in conditions of limited visibility.

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