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Empty electric Pickup Ford F-150 Lightning will drive on a third more loaded

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Presented this month, the Pickup Ford F-150 Lightning in the senior specification promised mileage without recharging up to 480 km, which fully corresponds to the market conditions, especially with the taking into account the mass and traction abilities of such a machine. As it turns out, such a mileage value is stated for a pickup with a load of 454 kg, and empty electric vehicles can drive all 640 km.

Image source: Electrek

Such revelations shared with the ELECTREK resource popular in certain circles blogger Marquez Brownley (Marques Brownlee), which has already taken advantage of the opportunity to access the prototype of the Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup in the senior specification. First, Ford representatives themselves explained to blogger that the stated mileage of 480 km on one charge is fair for the shipping situation weighing 454 kg when driving along the EPA conditional cycle.

Over the second, when the blogger sat down behind the wheel charged at 80% of the pickup without cargo in the body, the on-board computer demonstrated a stroke reserve of 587 km. As the source rightly implies, with a fully charged traction battery, the pickup will be able to drive up to 640 km along the conditional cycle. The machine has weights in the cargo compartment, so it can instantly recalculate the reserve of the stroke depending on the download. Ford representatives promised to reveal the capacitance of the Pickup traction battery before its deliveries of deliveries next year. Whether this practice of measuring the stock of the turn for electric vehicles with trucks is generally accepted while it is difficult to say. Some owners of 90% of the time move on the empty machines, it would certainly be important to see the reserve indicators for different use scenarios.

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