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Enthusiasts told how the electric vehicle Tesla ride on the autopilot when no one is behind the wheel

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Consumer Reports magazine, owned by the non-profit organization Consumers Union, published the results of the study, in which enthusiasts tried to force the electric car Tesla Model Y 2020 release to move on autopilot, when no one sits behind the wheel. As a result, experts found that they can “easily force an electric vehicle to move, even if no one sits on the driver’s seat.”

According to available data, it was possible to force Tesla Model Y, putting a weighted chain on the steering wheel and fastening the seat belt at a driver’s seat. The study was conducted after the deadly accident Tesla Model S, which occurred a few days ago in Texas. Incident investigation was conducted by the National Safety Board on Transport (NTSB) and the National Road Safety Administration (NHTSA). The preliminary investigation of the police showed that at the time of the accident when the electrocar at high speed crashed into a tree, there was no one behind the wheel, but there were two men in the cabin.

A comprehensive investigation of this incident has not yet been completed, and the authorities did not report whether the standard autopilot was used at the time of the accident or a premium autonomous driving system of Tesla Full Self-Driving was activated in the car. In any case, the TESLa rule suggests that the autonomous driving system requires the driver’s presence and must be controlled by a person all the time.

After this incident, Tesla CEO Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) stated that the recovered data magazines showed that the autopilot was not activated at the time of the accident, and the advanced system of autonomous driving for this electric vehicle was not acquired. He also noted that for the work of the standard autopilot, there is a markup on the road, and there was no place in the place of the accident. After the statement of Ilona Mask, the Texas police planned to issue an order to seize the data on the accident.

The Consumer Reports study showed that the TESLA system cannot reliably establish whether the autopilot is controlled by the driver, and indeed, it was not able to understand whether there is a person in a driver’s seat. It was also found that Tesla autopilot, like many other similar systems, can work on roads without marking. Specialists note that Tesla is lagging behind other automakers, such as General Motors and Ford, which use autopilot with driver’s head position tracking technology and the direction of its view.

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