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European manufacturers doubted that they need to chase for advanced lithography

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The visit of the new general director of Intel Patrick Gelsinger (Patrick Gelsinger) to Europe local authorities used to discuss their own interests on the organization in the region of advanced lithographic production. Local manufacturers, although do not deny the need for new enterprises in Europe, call for advanced lithography do not chase.

Image Source: Bloomberg

Recall that by 2030, Europe will try to take at least 20% of the global service market for contracting semiconductor components using technological standards from 5 nm and below. For this reason, the local authorities in the negotiations with potential investors make focus on the development of this service segment, but local producers believe that there is no objective necessity.

On comments by Infineon Technologies referred to the Bloomberg agency. According to the main marketer of Helmut Gassel (Helmut Gassel), modern, but not the most advanced lithographic production should appear in Europe. Recall that the release of 2-nm products on the territory of Europe local authorities expect to master until the end of the current decade.

According to the representative of Infineon, in the next five years the automotive industry of the region will not require the components manufactured by technological standards thinner than 20 nm. Advanced lithography will be used automatically controlled vehicles, but while their market is not so large to justify the organization of production in Europe, the components corresponding to these criteria. The transition to the next stage of lithography in modern conditions increases the cost of the component of the component exponentially, and the manufacturer must have significant arguments for such migration.

Производства Infineon. Источник изображения: eeNewsEurope

Infineon production. Image source: EENEWSEUROPE

The head of Stmicroelectronics Jean-Marc Chery also expressed the reluctance to participate in European initiatives to develop advanced lithography in the shortest possible time. Related costs will simply be overly burdensome for this company and are deprived of practical meaning.

EvroComissar Thierry Breton (Thierry Breton) at a press conference last Thursday stated that European suppliers should not only be thought of the prospects for the local automotive market. The peripheral computing and 5G network will be distributed in Europe in the coming years, and local production of advanced components would be very useful for market participants. I mention about TSMC, Samsung and Intel, the official expressed bewilderment: “If others see in this market opportunity, then I do not understand why this is not doing this, here in Europe.”

Representatives of the ASML holding quite predictably performed on the side of the European authorities, as they supply advanced lithographic equipment around the world. The creation of a local production base in Europe has a definite meaning, how Peter Wennink (Peter Wennink) was assured.

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