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European regulators are ready to resolve a flying taxi to transport passengers from 2024

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In Europe, at least six companies developing aircraft, suitable for passenger traffic within the city or delivery of goods in unmanned mode. Representatives of the Agency responsible for aviation security expressed their willingness to allow the commercial operation of such equipment from 2024.

Image Source: Reuters

The appropriate statement was made by Patrick Ky (Patrick KY), head of the European Agency Agency (EASA). According to him, commercial exploitation of flying taxis can begin in the region already at 2024 or 2025. By the end of the decade, the market of such services will reach the annual turnover of 4.2 billion euros, as regulators believe, and Europe in the world market will take at least 31%, while the number of new jobs will reach 90,000.

Some developments are already undergoing EASA certification process, by 2024, the first light aircraft can already be allowed to commercial exploitation in Europe. The German company Volocopter, for example, expects to demonstrate his flying taxis to the beginning of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. It is still about the operation of the aircraft controlled by pilots, which will move along the agreed routes within the cities. Delivery of cargo by air can be carried out by unmanned vehicles, and passenger drones will be allowed to operate only years later.

Public opinion polls among residents of six major cities in Europe have shown that up to 71% of respondents are interested in the possibility of using electrolles as a taxi, and 41% of European residents surveyed added that such aircraft would appropriate to use for urgent delivery of patients to medical institutions. The public also expresses concern about the influence of noise created by aircraft, on the life of birds and insects living in cities. Security of flights, including information, also raises serious concern for potential customers of flying taxis.

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