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Finnish startup decided to convince people to abandon personal cars

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Maas Global Oy from Helsinki has been promoting a new model of personal passenger transportation, convincing customers to abandon personal cars. The idea is to provide customers with the highest quality and comfortable transport services for subscription.

Image: Bloomberg

Maas Global Oy was founded in 2015 and since then has since managed to go beyond the Finnish market, starting to provide its services in a number of countries in the European Region, as well as in Japanese Tokyo. According to reports, 12% of customers in Helsinki have already abandoned the use of private cars, while others declared their intention to do so in the future.

To interact with the service it is proposed to use the mobile application WHIM. It offers users to plan and pay trips. With it, it is also possible to rent an electric scooter, a bike, order a taxi with a fixed price, etc. The cost of services varies depending on the country, but about 300 thousand people enjoy the company’s services worldwide. The user can easily plan a trip from point A to point B, paying in advance transport tickets or booking a passage. At the same time, users can pay for services on the fact of use or choose one of the tariffs with the subscription fee.

The company say that WHIM was created to combat traffic jams on the roads of cities and reducing the level of pollution of the atmosphere. Studies show that life in medium with clean air makes people happier. Finland, where this service first appeared, takes one of the leading positions of the world ranking of countries with the cleanest air.

In Maas Global Oy, in investors are BP Plc, Mitsubishi Corp. And Toyota Financial Services, believe that the creation of conditions in which people do not require personal cars, is an obvious way to reduce the volume of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere in the transport sector.

Currently, WHIM is available in Helsinki, Antwerp, in British Birmingham and Japanese Tokyo. Recently, Maas Global Oy absorbed Spanish competitor Wondo. The Wondo service continues to work in Madrid, and will continue to expand on other Spanish cities, as well as planned to enter the portugal market.

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