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Forced slowdown in charge will be wrapped for Tesla major lawsuits and compensation

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In 2019, Tesla decided to force the cost of charging the traction batteries of some of its electric vehicles, which turned out not only to increase charging time, but also in reducing the available runholders. The court in Norway acknowledged the company guilty of such restrictions, and now each affected car owner will be able to count on compensation at $ 16,000.

Image source: Electrek

In Norway, Tesla electric vehicles are very common, therefore, under the criteria of victims of these restrictions in this country, about ten thousand owners of Tesla Model X and Model S with traction batteries are 85 kWh, which were released inclusive until 2016. It is on these modifications that the TESLA electric vehicles were forced to limit the charge rate to increase the resource of the traction battery. Some of the car owners stated that mileage on one charge eventually fell by 11% in just a few weeks. The charging procedure itself has become longer, which also brought obvious inconvenience.

Filed in Norway against Tesla will allow each resident of this country who has the machine of the eponymous brand falling under these criteria, to receive compensation in the amount of $ 16,000, if the American automaker will not challenge this court decision to the deadlines. It is possible that the precedent will inspire car owners outside of Norway to try happiness in similar litigation within its own jurisdiction.

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