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Ford and Toyota headed patent activity rating in autopilot

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The redistribution of the automotive market is trying to participate both young manufacturers of electric vehicles and companies related to the development of automation systems. Most experts agree that the future is behind autonomous electric vehicles. Ford and Toyota automakers are ready to defend their position due to high patent activity.

Image source: Toyota Motor

This is evidenced by the rating compiled by Patent Result by order of Nikkei Asian Review edition. The dynamics makes it possible to evaluate a comparison with a similar rating drawn up in July 2018. For the key characteristic of the company’s involvement in the development of autopilot systems, compilers were taken by a conditional rating, taking into account not only the number of profile patents, but also the frequency of their mention or challenge in courts. The American giant Ford Motor as a result of three incomplete years rose from the fourth position on the first, although in the number of existing patents in this area he is inferior to Toyota Motor, which occupies a second position. The latter, by the way, did not change the place in the ranking since 2018.

But the American Waymo, which grown under the wing of Google and Alphabet, was rolled from the first place on the third. If the market leaders are more than a thousand active patents in the autopilot, then WayMo has only 582. Even by the third place of General Motors has 678 active patents in this direction of development. The specifics of the rating emphasize the fact that in the fifth place was one of the American insurance companies, which controls a number of important patents in the field of creating sensory systems for autopilot and telematics.

Источник изображения: Nikkei Asian Review

Image Source: Nikkei Asian Review

Over the past since 2018, Ford and Toyota time increased the number of active patents in the field of autopilot in two and a half times, while Waymo was content with an increase of 80%. If we compare patent activity in the field of power plants, then the largest automaker in the world in the face of Toyota Motor will be an undisputed rating leader, and Ford Motor will be restricted to the second place.

This year is characterized by the fact that individual companies dropped out of the race for the autopilot. Uber has been selling their profile business by Aurora Innovation, and the competing Lyft agreed to sell similar assets of Toyota Corporation. In essence, Ford and Toyota can still be considered “strong theorists”, because by the number of kilometers passed by the leader remains Waymo. In the coming years, auto gigages have to be converted to their scientific potential in practical achievements, it is from this that will depend on their further market success.

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