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French Voltaero airplanes with a hybrid power plant can fly to 1200 km

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The French startup Voltaero promises from 2023 to provide passenger flights to Aerotexi to 4-, 6- and 10 local devices with a hybrid power plant. Depending on the mode of operation of Aerotexi, it can be moved only on an electric traction or in a hybrid mode using the engine. The maximum range of flights will be from 200 km on electricity up to 1200 km in mixed mode. You can order transport in a simple application.

Image source: Voltaero

Tests of the hybrid power plant Voltaero have been held from October last year on a converted aircraft Cessna 337 Skymaster. The Cassio 1 demonstrator successfully made more than 80 flights, which made it possible to start the certification process. The full-scale prototype of Aerotexi Cassio, as it is presented in the image above, should rise to the sky next year and by the end of 2022 to obtain a certificate for serial production and operation. This will make it possible to start passenger transportation in this type of transport in 2023.

Оснащённая гибридной силовой установкой совершила более 80 полётов. Источник изображения: VoltAero

Cessna 337 Skymaster equipped with hybrid power installation made more than 80 flights. Image source: Voltaero

The reduction in operating costs for servicing Cassio aircraft with a hybrid power plant promises to reduce the cost of the flight by 30-35%. In addition, in the mode of operation of only electrical engines, the carbon footprint from the aircraft flight will be minimal or even zero. The internal combustion engine can be not used, or use to increase the range of flight, connecting it with the generator to charge the batteries, or keep in case of emergency situations with electrical equipment.

Гибриднй двигатель VoltAero, сочетающий несколько электрических двигателей и ДВС. Источник изображения: VoltAero

The hybrid engine Voltaero, combining several electrical engines and engine. Image source: Voltaero

The power of the hybrid power plant for 4-, 6- and 10 local versions of the Cassio aircraft will be, respectively, 450, 650 and 800 horsepower. At the cruising speed of 360 km / h, the range of flights on electricity will be 200 km, and in a hybrid mode – from 200 to 1200 km depending on the burden on the engine.

Источник изображения: KinectAir

Image source: Kinectair

The design of the Voltaero aircraft looks interesting. He will be able to take off with short GDP – from 550 meters. Kinectair has already developed an application for ordering a service with a choice of route, timetables and passenger numbers, similar to the service of a regular taxi.

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