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German authorities approved the exploitation of autonomous machines on public roads

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Testing machines with autopilot on public roads in the United States has been held for several years, individual states have already allowed the commercial operation of automatic taxis under the supervision of the operator or test driver. In Germany, prototypes of automatic vehicles are also tested, but since the next year the authorities are ready to allow commercial operation.

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This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the bill, which has already received the approval of the Lower Chamber of the German Parliament. The country’s authorities allow exploitation on the roads of common vehicles with the degree of autonomy to the fourth level inclusive. This means that their usual controls are preserved, and the person can intervene at any time in the management process – both at the expense of the physical presence in the cabin and by remote channels.

A feature of the draft law is a restriction on the use of such vehicles. They must navigate through strictly defined routes, engaged in both the delivery of goods and passenger transportation. In essence, German authorities are allowed to automate logistics operations and the operation of route passenger vehicles. The Upper Chamber of the German Parliament should approve this law before it comes into force.

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