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IKEA and RENAULT refuted the development of the Höga electric car – this is only a designer’s graduation project

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Today, news on the development of IKEA and Renaults of the Höga electronics were actively published on the Internet. It was picked up even major sources, on the basis of which our news was written. However, as IKEA and Renault press services reported, in reality, the development of an electric car IKEA Höga is not conducted. And published images are the graduation work of designer Ryan Schlotthauer (Ryan Schlotthauer).

Source: Behance.

In Renault, the project was praised, but they said that he had nothing to do with reality: “This is a very cool academic project. However, we never participated in its creation. “

And so commented on the situation in IKEA: “We are definitely glad to see interest in Schlotthauer’s work. She really deserves attention, we like to see new mobility methods, and how people are inspired by our products, but, alas, our company does not develop a Höga project. All this is a designer concept, in the development of which our company also did not participate. “

The designer himself and the author of this project Ryan Schlotthauer said: “I developed this concept for my graduation undergraduate thesis. No real connection with Renault or IKEA, Höga has no. “

So the project is theoretical and in life above its implementation, no one works. It is possible that in the future, both companies will pay attention to the project of the collective electric vehicle, but so far this is not more than the fruit of the author’s fantasy, which many media presented from the wrong side.

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