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Ilon Mask Brought Prototype of the Cybertruck Electric Picap in New York

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The mass supplies of the Cybertruck electric pickup company Tesla will begin not earlier than the next year, and in this quarter she promises to tell about those changes that contributed to its design and characteristics from the moment of demonstration of the first prototype. His Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) brought to New York on the eve of participation in the television show this week.

Image source: Electrek

Tesla electric vehicle owners club in New York, as ELECTREK notes, captured the early prototype Cybertruck in the brand dealership in one of the areas of this metropolis. The car is fenced, which hints at the opportunity to see it only from the distance. For the first time, Ilon Mask himself demonstrated it in 2019, later they were noticed together with one of Los Angeles restaurants. At the beginning of 2020, Mask demonstrated a prototype during an interview to a well-known TV presenter, then the car was still exposed on a pair of events. After a six-month break, the pickup appeared at the construction site in Texas, where the company is erected for its future production.

In New York, Tesla should re-open a new car dealership other day, so it is impossible to exclude that in promotional purposes the prototype of the pickup will move there for some time. The electric car is interesting not only an unusual body shape, but also its design using stainless steel panels. At the presentation in 2019, the head of the company also stated the presence of bulletproof braids, but one of them was cracked after hitting a heavy item, which demanded from Ilona the mask of additional explanations.

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