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In 2020, imports of electric cars to Europe turned out to be higher than exports

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Pandemic COVID-19 did not interfere with the European Union to increase the trade in electric and hybrid passenger transport in 2020. Interestingly, less machines were sent for exports than was imported to EU countries.

Image source: EUROSTAT

In total last year, the European Union exported about 5.2 million cars (gasoline, diesel, electrical and hybrid electric cars), and 3 million cars with all types of engines were imported. Most exported cars were petrol (64%). In second place, diesel (22%) are located, and in the third position there were cars on new energy (14%) – purely electrical and hybrid.

Among imported cars, petrol were also dominated (53%), but electrical and hybrid electric vehicles (30%) were in the second position (30%), and diesel only in third place (18%). There is an obvious distortion towards electric vehicles and hybrids collected outside the EU.

In 2020, 892 thousand electrical and hybrid electric vehicles were imported into the EU countries in 2020. A third of the imported machines was electrical (34%), and the remaining proportion fell on the plug-in hybrids (16%). 725 thousand electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles were exported outside the EU in 2020. Almost half of them were hybrid without connecting (49%), and about a quarter were electrical (27%) or plug-in hybrid (24%).

Источник изображения: Eurostat

Image source: EUROSTAT

Compared to 2017, exports of electrical and hybrid electric vehicles outside the EU increased almost five times: from 150 thousand cars in 2017. Up to 725 thousand in 2020, and imports from countries outside the EU almost tripled from 301 thousand imported machines in 2017 to 892 thousand cars in 2020. Trade is growing in both directions, but even a pandemic can interfere.

In 2020, the main areas of export of electrical and hybrid electric vehicles from the EU were the United Kingdom (which accounted for 39% of the exported cars), the USA followed the US (16%), Norway (10%) and China (9%). Almost half of the import of electrical and hybrid electric cars came to the EU from Japan and the United States (each account for 23% of imported cars), followed by South Korea (15%), United Kingdom (14%), Turkey (10%) and China (9% ).

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