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In the United States spontaneously caught fire another electric car Chevy Bolt

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May Day in Eshbarne, Virginia, in the garage of the owner caught fire by the electric car Chevy Bolt of General Motors. Last year, six such cases were recorded, which forced the developers to fix the charger software. Installing the update stops the battery charge at 95% of the maximum. Probably, the owner of the burnt electric car did not have time to update the software, and many do not even want to do it.

Image source: Bobby Busche

Unlike Tesla electric vehicles, the firmware of which is updated over the wireless communication, the electric car Chevy Bolt can change the firmware only if the owners are designed, which for this should independently make a number of action. Many of them do not like that they must independently limit the charge of traction batteries and lose in the distance of the mileage. In a similar situation, Hyundai, for example, launched a review of Kona electric vehicles. In General Motors, it is believed that a decrease in the level of charge to a certain value will prevent spontaneous batteries.

For those who do not want to establish an update with automatic battery restriction, the company offers manually to limit the charge at the level of 88% for models 2017-2018 and 90% for models of 2019. It will help this to protect yourself from fires or not, will show the future and investigating the new incident in Virginia. Before the conclusion of investigators, the conclusions to do early.

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