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Japanese authorities as part of the support of the national industry will focus on batteries

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The Government of Japan must approve a package of measures to stimulate the development of the national industry, in addition to semiconductors, and traction batteries for electric vehicles will also fall into the area of ​​special attention. At the same time, partnerships with US companies will be strengthened.

Источник изображения: Nikkei Asian Review

Image Source: Nikkei Asian Review

While the budget for supporting the Japanese semiconductor industry does not exceed $ 1.8 billion, but it will certainly increase by the next year, as Nikkei Asian Review notes with reference to its own sources. The country’s authorities are interested in attracting American owners of valuable technologies to cooperate in Japan. It may be not only production, but also research centers.

Japan intends to focus on the development and issuance of power semiconductor components that will be in demand by electric vehicles. The country expects to take up to 40% of the market in this segment by the end of the decade. Capital expenditure plan until 2025 should soon be described in detail, the government of the country intends to facilitate the emergence of new enterprises in the production of semiconductor components in Japan.

To facilitate the appearance of high-capacity batteries, Japan is collected due to subsidies to developers and researchers. Alliance with the United States is supposed to create in the sphere of supply of key components. In the fight for the ecology in the coming years, Japan intends to expand the network of charging and hydrogen gas stations. A special attention will be paid to the pharmacological industry – the country should be established by the effective production of vaccines and other medicines, which would reduce dependence on external suppliers.

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