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LG and Hyundai turned an electric vehicle in the apartment. Inside there is a refrigerator, coffee machine and 77 “screen

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LG Electronics (LG) and Hyundai Motor presented their own vision of what the interior of the electric cars of the future could be. The concept was named IONIQ Concept Cabin.

In electric cars, due to the absence of a bulky internal combustion engine and transmission, completely new possibilities for organizing the cabin open up. The authors of the IONIQ Concept Cabin, for example, propose to turn it into a comfortable home on wheels.

The concept includes a coffee machine and refrigerator. Under the rear seats are retractable shoe drying modules. There is even a kind of wardrobe.

On the roof is a giant, flexible 77-inch OLED display. Passengers will be able to adjust its position. The split-screen function allows you to view personalized content, while the headrest speakers provide personalized audio.

When the car is empty, a special system will remove crumbs and dirt from the floor. At the same time, the upper UV lamps will disinfect the interior.

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