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Nissan finances the construction of two enterprises for the production of traction batteries

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Forted with the need to transition to the electrical engineer automakers are willingly cooperated with companies producing traction batteries. Nissan Motor found a partner in the person of the Chinese company Envision Aesc Group, which is now the seventh largest battery manufacturer. Two new enterprises will appear in the UK and Japan.

Image Source: AP, Reuters, Nikkei Asian Review

These plans of the Japanese automaker reported the Nikkei Asian Review edition. They will be allocated $ 1.8 billion for the construction of two enterprises in the UK and Japan, which will focus on the release of traction batteries since 2024. In the aggregate, they will provide accumulators to 700 thousand electric vehicles per year. Now Nissan produces no more than 180 thousand electric vehicles annually. The company already has an Envision Aesc Group shares in 20%, the Chinese manufacturer is capable of every year to provide traction batteries up to 200 thousand electric vehicles.

Consumers of batteries manufactured on under construction enterprises will also become other members of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Automobile Alliance. In total, Envision Aesc Group will be able to provide accumulators to 900 thousand electric vehicles annually. The Chinese manufacturer will also participate in financing the construction of new enterprises. Nissan within the framework of this project claims to subsidies from the budgets of the United Kingdom and Japan.

By the end of 2023, Nissan Motor expects to increase the amount of electric vehicles produced from 180 thousand to 1 million pieces. Partnerships with the Envision Aesc Group will not be enough for this, so the Japanese company is considering cooperation with CATL and LG Energy Solution. Ford Motor has recently announced the creation of a joint venture with SK Innovation, which will focus on the production of batteries in the United States, Tesla and Toyota have joint ventures with Panasonic, and General Motors collaborates with LG Energy Solution.

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