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Rivian will delay the start of deliveries of its electric pickups

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Pickups are very popular in the US market this year began to actively switch to the electrical machine – at least “on paper”. Rivian was among those who promised to start deliveries of electric pickups in the current year, the first copies were to go to customers already in June, but now the manufacturer declared the need to wait until July.

Image source: Electrek, Rivian

About this with reference to Rivian notifications for customers informed the ELECTREK resource. R1T pickups in the Launch Edition setting cost from $ 75,000 will be shipped from July of the current year in the spring of the following. By November, all customers will be notified of the exact delivery of the instances ordered by them. At the same time, the delivery schedule of the R1T related crossover will be also defined. In August, in some states, Rivian electric vehicles will be held in some states.

At the same time, the manufacturer announced changes in the configuration of the ordered vehicles. Off-Road Upgrade Off-Road Accessories Available as an option for machines in the Launch Edition and Adventure Package. The air compressor will be equipped with everything without exception of the R1T pickup version. The configurator appeared an assortment of accessories for outdoor enthusiasts, and built-in cooking fixtures now include the Snow Peak Kitchen Set.

The basic version of the Pickup Explore Edition will appear only next year, it will be offered at a price of $ 67,500, while Rivian focuses on the sale of machines with a battery of medium capacity, allowing to pass without recharging up to 480 km. In more expensive equipment, a battery with a turn of 640 km will be available. The most accessible option will offer a stroke of no more than 368 km, but it will also not be offered to customers from the very beginning. As previously reported, Rivian adapted its electric vessels to work in conditions of forty-portus frosts, and in the future the development of traction batteries with solid-state electrolyte is thought. The probability of organizing the production of electric vehicles in Europe is not excluded, and to collect funds for the development of Rivian can enter the public stock market.

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