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Tesla just started to use the camera in the cabin to track the driver’s status

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The camera facing into the cabin is present in Tesla electric cars for several years, but so far it has been used mainly for security features. To follow the behavior of the driver with its help, Tesla was allowed only as part of beta testing a new version of software. From now on, this feature is available on machines with release versions of software.

Image source: Electrek

The idea of ​​watching the Mimician, the driver’s position and gestures for the sake of ensuring the safety of the movement itself is not new, it was implemented in their cars some automakers, but Tesla until the last moment such an approach was ignored. The autopilot could determine the moments of the driver’s abstraction from the road only in the absence of resistance on the steering wheel, after which the system issued a warning about the need to take the steering wheel again.

As ELECTREK notes, in the software update version 2021.4.15.11, the function of tracking the driver’s condition through the chamber is automatically activated when the autopilot is involved. The image received by the camera is not transmitted beyond the limits of the electromotive onboard systems, unless the user put a tick on the corresponding menu item, expressing its agreement with such a data processing policy. With the help of the Tesla camera, it will be able to determine whether the driver is distracted from the road, since many examples of abuse of security rules from various types of experimenters are discussed in the press. Sleep behind the wheel or transfer to the rear row will now be more difficult.

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