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Tesla Model 3 lost the title “Best Choice” in the ranking of the American publication Consumer Reports

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The MODEL 3 electrical sedan, manufactured by Tesla, passed the position in the ranking of the famous edition of Consumer Reports dedicated to the reviews of goods. The car lost the status of the “best choice”, which is associated with a temporary disconnection in the model of the automatic emergency braking function and the refusal of some other security systems.


The publication was explained that they had lowered the status of cars after Tesla ceased the use of radars as additions to cameras, which deprived the machine of a number of possibilities during the transition period.

«If the driver thinks that transport supports the security feature, and it does not support, it fundamentally changes its security profile, “said Consumer Reports representative David Friedman. It is known that the electric vehicle rating fell by three points to 75, but these indicators are enough so that the car remains in the “recommended”.

The fall happened after the National Traffic Safety Administration ceased to marketing the MODEL 3 and Model Y fired on April 27 and later, as equipped with emergency braking systems, warnings about the hazard of the headshop collision and warnings about the outlet of the movement.

This week, Tesla finally reported that MODEL 3 and MODEL Y electric cars from this month will not be equipped with radar. Instead, their autopilots will rely on the chambers data. This will lead to a temporary disconnection of some systems.

Tesla’s most popular MODEL 3 for the first time received the “best choice” Consumer Reports rating last year. This honorary title is awarded by the editors of only ten cars annually.

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