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Tesla patented body cover for Cybertruck with built-in solar panels

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The idea of ​​using solar batteries to feed traction batteries does not give rest of the Ilon Mask (Elon Musk), which has already been expressed in favor of such a decision on commercial electric transport. Cybertruck pickup as an option will be able to offer a body cover, which will be a roller shutter with built-in solar panels. This idea Tesla has already managed to patent.

Image source: Electrek, Tesla

If you appeal to the history of the question as a whole, so far the placement of solar panels on the roof of serial cars made it possible to predominantly feed the elements of the ventilation system to cool the salon during the parking lot with the internal combustion engine turned off. The Toyota Prius Prime hybrid made an attempt to replenish the charge battery with the help of the solar panel, but it does not manage to win more than three kilometers.

At one time, Ilon Mask stated that on commercial vans it makes sense to place solar batteries on the roof and side lifting panels so that they can feed the traction battery during the parking lot. According to the head of Tesla, in the day of standing on the sun, it is possible to accumulate electricity sufficient to overcome the distance of 48 km.

Источник изображения: Electrek, USPTO

Image source: Electrek, USPTO

As the electrek resource notes, the Cybertruck pickup promotional images with a body lid from solar panels are demonstrated by the company not only for beauty. The relevant patent application is present in the database of the profile American department. The documentation explains that consisting of a narrow sections The cover of a cargo compartment of the pickup can be folded into the roll stored near the front wall of the body, while the outer surface of such a lid contains a functioning solar panels that allow to feed onboard consumers and charge the traction battery. Which is characteristic, the cover will succeed and strong enough, because it will be able to withstand human weight or the placement of goods comparable by weight. The roof of the cockpit can also be equipped with a solar panel. Apparently, the solar panels will be offered to customers as an option for extra charge.

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