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Tesla recalls part of MODEL 3 and Model Y electric vehicles due to potential brake problems

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It became known that Tesla recalls part of the MODEL 3 and Model Y electric vehicles, which were released in recent years. This decision the automaker explains that brake calipers bolts of said auto models can potentially be fixed properly. This is stated in a letter that some clients of the company have received this week.

Image: Electrek.

Like other automakers, Tesla sometimes reveals a production marriage and calls electric vehicles in advance that may be affected by the problem. This time we are talking about the braking system in the rode of two models of cars.

«On some cars, brake calipers bolts could not be fixed accordingly. If one or more such bolts are not fixed in accordance with the specification, over time the bolt or bolts can relax and, in very rare cases, disconnect, because of which the brake caliper will contact the inner surface of the wheel rim. In such rare cases, extraneous noise may occur, and the wheel can stop freely rotate, which will lead to loss of pressure in the tire, “says Tesla letter.

Tesla stated that companies are not aware of any accidents related to this problem. Customers who received an email from an automaker are recommended to make an account for service using the TESLA mobile application. It is worth noting that in the letter Tesla, the number of potentially dangerous electric cars does not reveal, but some details are still present.

«Tesla decided to withdraw some model 3 and Model y in advance to test brake calipers bolts. It applies to certain model 3 cars, released from December 2018 to March 2021, and certain model y cars, released from January 2020 to January 2021, is stated in the automaker’s letter.

The official notice of tesla electric vehicles from the National Traffic Security Management on the tracks (NHTSA) The United States has not yet been published. Perhaps when the department will do it, it will be known how large-scale is the problem with bolts of calipers in Tesla electric vehicles.

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