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The electrical version of the Ford F-150 pickup is presented with a turn of up to 480 km and the price of $ 40 thousand.

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US President’s visit to the Ford enterprise in Michigan made electric pickup F-150 Lightning defined advertising, but the formal announcement of the electric car took place on the day later. Its characteristics allow the average man to understand what is generally possible to expect from full-size pickups on the electric shirt. In the maximum configuration, the stroke reserve will be limited to 480 km.

Image source: Electrek

Fort from the point of view of competitive positioning, Ford specialists accounted for Tesla Cybertruck. It is for this reason that the base version of the electric pickup F-150 Lightning will be offered at a price of $ 39,974 without taking into account various kinds of benefits and subsidies, which in the US market will drop it by another $ 12,500. For the machine of this class in a popular body, this is a rather attractive price level.

For this money, the basic F-150 Lightning will offer a stroke reserve of 368 km, but the version with an enlarged battery will allow to pass without recharging to 480 km. Its cost is still named only for commercial consumers, they will have to pay about $ 50 thousand. It is hardly a retail version of a pickup with a stroke of 480 km will be very different at the price of the claimed reference. Each of the pickup options will be offered in four configurations, with a traditionally extensive set of options and additional accessories.

Источник изображения: Electrek, Ford Motor

Image source: Electrek, Ford Motor

It is noteworthy that all modifications of Ford F-150 Lightning will be all-wheel drive, for each axis will be answered its electric motor. In the maximum configuration, the pickup will receive a power plant with a capacity of 563 horsepower, he will be able to accelerate up to 100 km / h in four with a small second. Previously, cars such a class could not boast such a dynamics in mass execution. In the basic version, the power of the power plant is reduced to 426 horsepower.

The charge replenishment rate will be highly dependent on the type of charger used. In the basic version, it is designed for 32 amps and voltage 240 or 120 volts. The charge from 15 to 100% younger modification of the pickup can be restored in 14 hours, the older will be required until 19 hours. Reduced charging time for 4-5 hours will allow a 48 amp charger. The next in the hierarchy is a device for 80 amps, which both versions of the pickup will allow for 8-10 hours. Here and earlier, the time is indicated under the condition of the voltage in the network 240 V. Finally, a 150 kW constant current station will be able to fill out a charge from 15 to 80% about forty minutes.

Official data on the capacity of traction batteries F-150 Lightning is not, but indirectly can be determined that it reaches 170 or 180 kWh. Korean company SK Innovation is engaged in supplying battery cells. The frame of the standard F-150 had to be strengthened to accommodate batteries, but its dimensions allowed to keep a spare wheel under a cargo compartment, like in classic pickups from the engine. Under the hood, there was enough space to accommodate baggage with a cumulative volume of 400 liters. Pickup is able to tow trailers weighing from 3500 to 4500 kg, depending on the modification, but the load capacity turned out to be higher at the version with a less dressed battery, since it is tritely easier. The basic version of the F-150 Lightning is ready to take on board up to 907 kg of cargo, and the “long-range” conifer has to be content with 816 kg of load.

Home consumers from the side network of a pickup can also be powered if their power does not exceed 9.6 kW in the aggregate. Of course, in the field conditions, pickup can power the power tools, refrigeration and other equipment. In the front trunk, there is a consumer socket with a limit capacity of 2.4 kW. The control software will be regularly updated by air, ensuring the emergence of new functionality. The supply of F-150 Lightning to the US market will begin next spring, wishing to make an order can leave a deposit of $ 100.

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