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The manufacturer of car chips Renesas will fully recover after the fire only by mid-June

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Rences ELECTRONICS is controlling almost a third world car semiconductor component market, and a fire has happened in Japan in March in Japan. At first, the manufacturer was calculated to eliminate the consequences in one month, but by the end of May it became clear that it would be possible to restore production only by mid-June.

Image Source: Reuters

About this with reference to representatives of Renesas reported Reuters. As of the end of May, the enterprise affected by fire produced only 88% of the volume of products issued to the Martov Fire. To restore the production of chips in full, will have to take appropriate measures until mid-June. Installation and launch of new equipment will be completed at this time.

The fire covered an area of ​​600 square meters and disabled 23 units of expensive equipment, and the so-called “clean room” could not continue to work due to contamination of combustion products. The Japanese government commissioned other Japanese companies to assist Renesas in eliminating fire consequences. Among others, the Toyota Motor Corporation was sent to the enterprise, which is one of the largest Renesas customers.

The problems of automakers adds a new Pandemic wave in the Asian region. As Reuters notes, Toyota and Honda were forced to stop their enterprises in Malaysia because of a two-week quarantine announced by the local authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19. In Malaysian enterprises, Toyota last year 51 thousand cars were released. When it is possible to resume production, representatives of the company do not yet know. Daihatsu Motor’s subsidiary was more fruitful, released about 220 thousand cars in Malaysia. It will also be forced to stop working until June 14, at a minimum. Honda will stop the work of two of its enterprises in Malaysia, one can produce up to 100 thousand cars per year, the other is three times more motorcycles.

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