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The prototype of Hypercar Tesla Roadster received the same steering wheel as the updated Model S

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By updating the interior of the MODEL S electric vehicle of this spring, Tesla decided to revolutionary changes in the form of refusal from the traditional steering wheel and stealless switches. Judging by the images of the second-generation Tesla Roadster sports electric vehicle, it will also receive such controls.

Image source: YouTube, Gaussdog

The changes introduced into the interior of Tesla Model became the cause of hot disputes. The steering wheel of the Round Shape gave way to the helm without the top of the rim, and the functions of the steering wheel switches were transferred to the sensory areas of the hub and rotating selectors under the thumbs of both hands. Even the choice of the direction of the Tesla movement ranged to entrust the autopilot, since the gearbox selector was also abolished.

Источник изображения: Youtube, Gaussdog

Image source: YouTube, Gaussdog

As the electrek notes with reference to the Gaussdog channel, Tesla put a prototype Tesla Roadster in one of the Los Angeles museums, and this allowed eyewitnesses to explore not only the exterior, but also the interior of the hypercar. We emphasize, this is only a prototype, and the pre-seater should appear closer to next year, therefore changes can be made to some details. One of the main qualities of Tesla Roadster should be the ability to accelerate up to 100 km / h in less than two seconds, but also the stroke of the eldest modification of 1000 km is impressive. The maximum electrocar speed approaches 400 km / h, and the fastest version in the rear can even appear jet nozzles emitting compressed air to accelerate or infant viosen.

The appearance of the presented prototype intrigues and the absence of door handles, which Ilon Musk (Elon Musk) has long been trying to deprive many serial electric brands. The head of Tesla promised that the second-generation Tesla Robster’s riding copy would be ready by the end of the summer, and the company will be able to start testing. The company’s history of Roadster once began the history of the company, but in recent years the priority has been withdrawn to the market for more massive electric vehicles, so the debut of the second-generation rhodster has been moved since last year at the 2022th.

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