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The prototype Tesla Cybertruck in Texas demonstrated a folding ladder and a pneumatic suspension

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One of the copies of the electric pickup Tesla Cybertruck began to regularly appear at the construction site in Texas, where the company is erected for its further mass production. Recently, the car flashed on the frames of amateur filming, made by one of the construction workers. The presence of a folding ladder and pneumatic suspension once again confirmed.

Источник изображения: Cybertruck Owners Club, Electrek

Image source: Cybertruck Owners Club, Electrek

In the back board of the pickup, as it was possible to understand from official illustrations of Tesla, a retractable ladder is built into a corporate quadrocycle and other wheels. Now the presence of this design element is confirmed by both a simulated shooting, as ELECTREK notes with reference to the Cybertruck Owners Club. It can be seen that the straight surface for check-in the ladder and the rear side is not formed, since the upper edge of the latter forms a small ledge, and in general is located at a slightly different angle in relation to the ladder. The advantages of such a solution include the constant presence of a ladder, since it is hiding inside the back board of the pickup.

The video also allows you to understand that the Cybertruck prototype is equipped with an adjustable pneumatic suspension, since the back of the car for the convenience of loading “sat down”, and the front is a bit zone. According to TESLA, on each axle, the suspension adjustment range will reach ten centimeters in this case. The author of the video even tried to remove the pickup interior, but the video quality does not allow it to discuss it in detail. Door handles at this Cybertruck instance according to Tesla’s corporate tradition, although the company does not exclude that the serial version will be lost at all.

Finally, noticeable contamination of the Picap body panels suggests that it is not present at the construction site for advertising purposes, but is used for direct purpose. Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) still hopes to run the mass production of Cybertruck at the end of this year, although it allows the possibility of delay to the next one. At first, it is necessary to complete the enterprise in Texas and equip it with all the necessary equipment.

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