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The timing of the waiting for orders in the semiconductor industry is growing fourth month in a row

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The most courageous market participants hope that the shortage of semiconductor components will decrease in the second half of the year, but most are convinced that it will be finally able to defeat it in a year or two. The distribution periods on average increased to 17 weeks, as experts noted, they grow already the fourth month in a row.

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Image source: Electrek

SUSQUEHANNA FINANCIAL GROUP specialists track the situation in the semiconductor component market since 2017, the current increase in the timing of orders’ expectation has become the most significant, on average after April reaching 17 weeks. As noted earlier, the individual positions have to wait until one year. The situation exacerbates not only the shortage of itself, but also a panic among the consumers of chips, which duplicate orders and increase the warehouse stocks over the norm, trying to protect themselves from supplying people in the future.

The timing of the arrangement of orders increases with confident pace already the fourth month in a row, and it is still difficult to predict when growth stops. Power electronics increased this figure for four weeks only for April, industrial microcontrollers – for three weeks. With this speed, the timing of the execution of orders did not grow from 2017, when Susquehanna experts began their market surveillance.

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