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Toyota introduced the first cars with support to update the driver of the driver through the air

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A special division Woven Planet, which focuses on the development of active assistance systems to the driver, was represented by Toyota Motor Corporation only at the end of January, and the first cars with support for updating the control software “by air” are ready to go on sale from next week. They will simultaneously offer autonomy of the second level.

Image source: Toyota, Reuters

According to Reuters, from the future Monday, new versions of the Lexus LS500H hybrid sedan are received on the Japanese market and the Toyota Mirai hydrogen vendor, endowed with the Advanced Drive branded technology, corresponding to the autonomy of the second level according to the SAE classification. In essence, the flagship model of Lexus in this version can be bought today for the amount equivalent to 49,000.

In this embodiment, the automation allows you to hold the machine within the strip, save the distance to other cars and obstacles, as well as rebuild at the driver’s team on country roads. A set of functions is not the richest, but for the traditionally conservative Toyota is a real breakthrough, especially in terms of the ability to update on “by air”. In the future, as noted by the representatives of the brand, car owners will have the opportunity to improve the skills of automatics by software updates, as well as individualize cars by programmate. Algorithms that manage new brand cars are developed by Woven Planet using artificial intelligence technologies. Software was created taking into account the possibility of its global application, so that if there is an appropriate legal infrastructure, it can spread beyond Japan.

Honda Motor Still in the past month began selling in Japan the world’s first sedan with autonomy of the third level, but only by limited parties and leased. It is clear that Toyota Motor, who has become the largest automaker in the world in this regard, does not want to lag behind competitors.

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