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TSMC in the current year will increase the release of automotive chips by 60%

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Due to the shortage of chips for automotive electronics, plants for assembling machines stop worldwide. The problem has grown to such a scale that the highest authorities in the United States joined the process of coordination of supply chains. Incredible efforts to mitigate the deficit attributes Taiwanese company TSMC. Today, she reported that the actions taken by it would increase the production of automotive chips by 60% per year.

Image source: Reuters / Tyrone Siu

The company has already begun to produce increased volumes of microcontrollers for automotive electronics. Thus, it adheres to data earlier promises to increase the supply of scarce products by the middle of the current year. If you compare with “docking” times, then compared with 2019 in 2021, TSMC will increase the supply of automotive electronic components by 30%, which is impressive.

To help car manufacturers, the company, according to her, undertook “unprecedented actions.” First of all, we are talking about the redistribution of production at the expense of the cutting of other orders. It would be interesting to know, at the expense of TSMC released the line for the production of car chips, but there is no details on this.

As one of the ways to combat the deficit (optional from the automotive electronics area), TSMC involves upgrading the supply chain management, but for this demand should be “transparent”. For its part, the transparency of demand promises to promote US authorities. In particular, yesterday, US Trade Minister Gina Raimondo said that the United States could help raise transparency in the market.

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